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conference agenda
Image: luc legay via flickr

Everyone online these days is encouraging you to create content, but with a constant demand for fresh ideas it can be a bit tough to come up with topics to write about day in and day out. I have a few sources I turn to consistently for inspiration, but today I’m going to reveal what for some will be the source of the fountain of content idea utopia!

If you want to create content that is fresh, relevant and even a tad cutting edge, look no further than the topics being presented at upcoming conferences related to your industry. While not universally true, most conference organizers try to put together programs that represent the kind of things their members and community are asking for most or that are on the horizon.

If you consistently follow and write about these topics you have the ability to insert yourself into the conversation as these conferences occur and may even get yourself invited to speak or contribute on one of these hot topics as your content bubbles up to the top of searches related to these topics.

You can start trying out this simple, but powerful tactic with a quick visit to this list of 100+ Upcoming Social Media and Tech Events – from the prodigious writers at Mashable.

Simply find a conference or two that looks interesting, scroll through the agenda, and presto, instant relevant content ideas served up on a platter. With a little research you should be able to turn up a list of event for just about any industry out there.


Conference Agenda, Content Inspiration, Mashable

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  1. Funny! How I have bumped into the “100+ Upcoming Social Media and Tech Events” url on more occasions than usual today.

    Thanks for the great idea. I will be using it as another source. Is there a source for finding time when you don’t have enough time to write or tweak what you wrote about.

    I guess that with the lack of time we all have using your suggestion as a fix to really focus on the topics that might be more relevant to your audience.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great one.

      1. Exactly! I just browse over it. I rather use people I find are mentors like you, Chris, and a few others and see what they recommend.

        You are right an entire lifetime and let’s not get into the economical part!

        Have a great day!

  2. A similar tip is to get the editorial calendar for print (or web) magazines in your industry for the upcoming year and using that.

    Taking a step further is to post your content on the topic right before the magazine hits news stands. In the conference case you could publish the morning the conference starts or the day before.

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