The Powerful Marketing Habit of 5s

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I started doing this marketing activity years ago and it never ceases to amaze me how effective this simple strategy is.

Each Monday morning identify 5 marketing actions and book em like appointments. Then, don’t go home on Friday until they are done.

Now, these can be foundational type actions, like writing some web copy or working on a product but the real power is in lead generation, selling and generating referrals.

Some examples:

  • Write 5 handwritten notes thanking clients for their past support and business this act alone will, over time, generate referrals.
  • Call 5 clients who no longer do business with you and make them an offer they can’t refuse today! Some clients leave for good reasons. Let them tell you what those reasons are and you can win them back.
  • Call 5 existing clients and interview them briefly about ways you could serve them better or new services or products they need pay attention to what they say. They understand what makes you unique better than you do they can help you find your core message.
  • Call 5 prospects (I don’t usually recommend cold calling but if you must, this is the way to do it!) and simply offer them a free tip sheet, series of checklists, how-to report that is housed on your website. Don’t try to sell them anything, don’t try to make an appointment, don’t try to probe for more information–offer them the free info you know they need and shut-up. Let your report sell them and follow-up with those who go get the information.

So, what if you did one of these habits of 5s every day. What would that mean to your business


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