Lumpy Mail Gets Your Message Through

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Lumps in Gravy, bad. . .lumps in your mail, good!

A simple way to make your mailing stand out is to give is some dimension. That’s a fancy way for saying put something in it. Or put it in a box or bag or some other odd shaped delivery vehicle. Sometimes, letters and postcards are just too darn easy to let slide towards the trash can, but a package, now that gets attention.

Better yet, put something in that mailing that relates to the message you are trying to send. A whistle – a stop watch, a dump truck, a bag of marbles, toy tools are all good conversation starters and metaphor generators. The point is to stand out a bit. One of the most successful direct mail pieces I ever sent was an oversized postcard with a big strip of duct tape on it. Obvious what the tie is was for me but the conversion rate for the action I was looking from was 19.6%.

If you know how much a new client will bring in, you can gauge just how much you can spend to attract them. In many cases, the $4-5 expense of a lumpy mail campaign could be well worth it.


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