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I need to warn you this post is a bit more commercial than my standard content, but I use the tool I’m going to tell you about today so much that I think you will benefit from just learning about it.

I’ve been working for about three years to create an online team and project management tool, Intranet, file collaboration, and task management program to run my business and the Duct Tape Marketing Coach Network.

There are many online tools that offer some real power when it comes to collaboration, such as Backpack from 37 Signals (a tool I’ve used in the past) and even Google Apps, but I haven’t found anything that beats the out of the box power and functionality of Central Desktop.

I use this tool to:

  • Create and update our operations and process manual
  • Create complex spreadsheets to track sales commissions
  • Create and maintain a database of contacts and social media links
  • Create and update a portal of training documents and marketing collateral
  • Create and manage tasks list for staff and suppliers via email
  • Schedule and archive training calls
  • Create and maintain a forum for coaches and contacts
  • Manage multiple projects involving numerous contributors

I worked with Central Desktop to configure workspaces that are perfect for small businesses. If you would like you can try out this app and get a special deal and 30-day free trial.

If you want to use the same tool I do to run my business visit the Collaboration Solution and start your 30-day trial right now.


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