Thank God The Blog Craze Is Almost Over

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Blogging as a business fad seems to be passing – and that’s a good thing.

Now maybe people will settle down and look at a blog, at using a blog for business, for what it is. Just another, albeit powerful, marketing tool.

Yes, every business needs a blog, not so they can say they have one, so they can finally say something because they have one. Now I’m not saying that you can’t have open and transparent conversations with your clients and prospects through other means, I’m just saying that people don’t.

Stop worrying what you blog is doing, stop worrying if you are making any money with your blog, stop wondering where you can find the time to post and just keep writing. Nothing to sexy about that, but it works.

Get past the hype and start learning how to integrate a blog into your entire core marketing message. No blog is an island!


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