Teaching as a Marketing Tool

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The saying goes if you want to really learn something, teach it.

I think this really applies to small business. If you want to really get good at any aspect of your small business, your small business marketing, think in terms of teaching it to others.

The most obvious way to do this is to volunteer to conduct a workshop involving a skill or body of knowledge. Putting yourself in this situation will force you to get very clear about how you do it, allow you to experiment with ways to communicate it, and act as a bit of lab for new ideas and approaches.

From there you can take it on the road.

You should teach internally as well. Do you know why nobody else at your shop gets it? – because you keep it to yourself. At least once or twice a month you should have an internal seminar and teach everyone in the firm something about what you do, or how you sell.

And when you’ve done that – teach your clients, vendors, and associates how to teach. You do that and selling your ideas will get really easy.


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