Stop the Monkey Marketing

There is a Zen Buddhist term called Monkey Mind that
gets at the untrained mind’s inability to focus on one
thing completely. Left to it’s own, the mind bounces
off one wall and then the other like a monkey in a cage.

Don’t believe me. Try to sit for 5 minutes and think only
about your breath going in and out. I’ll wait.

It’s next to impossible isn’t it. You’re mind rebels at
the silence. I find that small business owners really
stink at this!

Small business marketing is a lot like this. You start
out with the single intention of growing your business
and the next thing you know you get caught up in the
marketing idea of the day.

Focus on implementing one marketing strategy and
do it so well that it defines your entire marketing
brand – then do another just like it.

Stop dabbling and complete a referral strategy or
online strategy until it is working beautifully.

Marketing is marketing, send a compelling offer
to someone in need and it will work, the problem
is generally lack of this kind of simple, consistent

Think Marketing Mastery!


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