Marketing Means You Need To Say You’re Sorry

Marketing Means You Need To Say You’re Sorry

Marketing Means You Need To Say You’re Sorry

By John Jantsch

Want a quick way to ramp up business this month? Take a good hard look at your client list and target two groups of clients.

Ones that you no longer do business with and ones that you know you could do more with than you currently are.

Then contact every member of both of these groups and apologize. Say, We Goofed and We Want To Make It Right.

To inactive clients the message is we want you back and we know we took you for granted And to the group you know you could do more with tell them that you goofed by not educating them on everything you could do for them.

I’m not trying to suggest you be manipulative but there’s just something about apologies that make people give you another chance. And, another chance may be all you need to create a quick infusion of new business.

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