Speak your blog posts and to-do lists
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Speak your blog posts and to-do lists

Speak your blog posts and to-do lists

By John Jantsch

mosioI’ve written about a free service called jott.com before because I use it to capture ideas when I’m driving or reading the Sunday paper in bed. I just hit a phone number and speak my message and then I get the message transcribed and delivered to my email – or, and this is really helpful, to my virtual assistant or anyone else I have set-up, including groups of people.

vitalistRecently they’ve been hooking this service up to other services allowing you to a whole bunch of useful things just by making a phone call. You can set-up and post to Twitter, WordPress.com blogs, TypePad.com blogs, and Tumblr blogs just by leaving a voice mail. You can add events to Google Calendar or 30 boxes calendars while you drive down the highway. You can create BackPack, Vitalist and Remember the Milk to-do lists. You can jott any question to Mosio and get an answer.

tumblrAs more of these services are added this tool just gets better. A couple thoughts – this is for short messages, don’t try to create a 300 word blog post. It doesn’t always get it right, speak slowly and enunciate like you’re talking to your grandpa from the old country. It automatically creates a link to the audio file though so people can hear the message in your voice too.

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