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Last week I wrote about my way to manage the social media beast and then asked other active social media folks to do that same. Today’s system overview comes by way of Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software blogging at the Huffington Post. Tim’s take is affably title Down the Social Media Rabbit Hole

Tim’s take is so perfect – and one of the reasons I wanted to pursue this – take heart, Tim asks as many questions are proposes solutions and that’s the way most of us, even self or otherwise professed experts of this stuff feel.

For me, though, it’s not so systematic. In fact, my 18-month journey into the soft white underbelly of social media is more like delightful, alluring, distracting, disorderly chaos. I’m 61. If this post had a sound track, it would be White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane. In fact, I just put that onto iTunes, while I write this. ~ Tim Berry

Let’s keep this up – who else to we need to harass into sharing their system – have you shared your system?


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