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Market SplashHP launched something called MarketSplash this week and I think it looks very promising and presents a very interesting path for the computer giant. No longer content to depend solely on computers and printers, this initiative allows them to go much deeper into the small business world by provided marketing services.

The MarketSplash program uses HP’s design capabilities brought on through the LogoWorks acquisition and adds the ability to design and print directly from MarketSplash. Business Cards, Letterheads, Rubber Stamps, Web sites and postcards all appear on the initial interface.

“MarketSplash helps small businesses create the high impact look of a big company without requiring the resources of one,” said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “As part of our Print 2.0 strategy, MarketSplash helps customers easily and affordably access professional design services from the web and print how, where and when they want.”

Once you select and personalize your designs you get several printing options including printing from their own printer, receiving their order via mail delivery, or picking it up at any Staples Copy and Print center in the United States.


HP, MarketSplash

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