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This is a continuation of my Social Media System Post where I asked other social media users to share what their system looked like (Click here to see all the posts on this)

In this post I was thrilled to find Chris Brogan willing to share his social media routine. Chris is one of the most social, social media users I have encountered and his large following can attest to that.

Chris’s system is frightening overkill for some, but understand that he gets, in his words – (40-60% of my opportunities come from Twitter)

Chris always has something to add to any conversation and you should have his blog at the top of your reading list.

Here’s a point that stuck with me – “In doing the work of defining one’s system, many things come up, and this exercise turned out to be more worth it than I thought.

So, define your system and share it – I’m putting together an ebook on this and would love to include some helpful routines – you don’t need 10,000 twitter followers to share what works for you! Leave it as a comment or post it on your blog and let me know about it.


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