See Compliments For What They Are

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If you are like most, when you receive a compliment, you look down at your shoes, shuffle your feet, get a little blushy and stammer something like, shucks, it was nothing. That’s the way most of us are wired, taught by our parents to accept compliments begrudgingly. As a marketer, I’d like to suggest that you start looking at compliments as marketing moments of opportunity.

I believe that when a client reaches out and tells you that you did a good job for them, they are asking you to take the relationship up a notch. Don’t let the opportunity slip on by. You’ve got to get straight in your head that this is the perfect time to ask for and receive a testimonial, a lead, new business or a referral. You don’t have to fall all over yourself acknowledging how smart you are. You can seize the day tastefully by simply being prepared to suggest that your client might know someone else who would like these kinds of results.

The best time to enter the house is when the door is open


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