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ScreenFlowScreencasting or making a movies by capturing your computer screen is a great way to create tutorial lessons and how to videos. Camtasia, a PC only tool, has ruled the roost for some time in this category leaving Mac users out in the cold a bit. [SnapZPro is a fine program, but lacking in many ways.]

I’ve been experimenting with a new program from Vara Software called ScreenFlow and I’m very impressed so far.

The basic capture function works well without creating giant files. The interface is simple and intuitive, but the editing capabilities are very powerful. One of the coolest things it does is that it allow for multiple source capture. In other words you can record your screen activity and also have an inset recording from an iSight or other camera creating a kind of picture in picture effect. This is really powerful for marketers who want to create very engaging videos with little production time or cost. It’s a great way to create video presentation using PowerPoint of Keynote slides.

At $99 I think this will turn some heads. For now it only works with the Leopard OS.


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  1. Mashable recently added a list of 12 Screencasting Tools and it included several mac ones, including one called ScreenMimic.

    This has Flash output – smaller files and more universally usable. I saw somewhere recently that Quicktime still only has about 70% penetration, compared to Flash’s 95%.

  2. This is exciting information! I am a Mac user and grow fonder of it by the day; however, I will admit there are still many programs that are incompatible with the good ol’ apple. I am glad to learn that another has jumped on the Mac board. Do you have any other information regarding programs that are commonly used on PC that Mac has recently made compatible?


  3. Yeah isn’t this app great. I use to use Snapz + FCP and it took forever to do something seemingly simply (like highlighting the cursor or zooming in). I used Screenflow to do one of our two minute feature round ups yesterday (something that took 4 hours on my previous setup). 45 minutes, and it looked smoother too.

  4. I’ve been using Screenflow for about 6 weeks. Basically, for what I’m using it for it works very well. After creating 40 minutes of Photoshop tutorials for my web site and Channel ( and I happy with the results. I’m still experimenting with the capabilities of the program and the resulting exports. I have a few feature requests and will pass those on to the developer. Look at the videos I’ve created and please comment on the results.

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