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I’ve been podcasting now for several years and I love it. It gives me an excuse to access some of the brightest, funniest and giving people on the planet.

I’ve not done this before so excuse me if it comes off a little to forward. If you don’t listen to my podcast I would like to invite you to subscribe via iTunes (click the link and it does the rest for you)

If you do listen to my podcast, I’d like to ask you to post a review. All you do is click on this link and once iTunes opens and takes you to my podcast, scroll down in the window and you see a link that says “Write a review.” That’s it. Now of course I want glowing, but honest reviews. I’ve had good shows and bad shows, issues with technology and the like, but I have a blast doing it and I hope you get some real value.

I have some great shows in the can for the next few weeks including international chess and Tai Chi champ Josh Waitzkin and Tim Sanders, author of Love is the Killer App.



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  1. Will do. Just subscribed and downloaded the current set. I’m not sure why I haven’t subscribed before, I listen to lots of marketing podcasts. Will also write a review when I get the chance.

  2. Great idea. I’ve always wanted to get more into podcasting, but never seem to have the time, or a clue about where to start.

    Maybe you could do a session on how to get started….hint hint 🙂

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