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Google mobile search and Google search are two different animals and understanding more about both has become a necessary evil. Currently, the results returned when doing a search on a mobile device can vary greatly from those done on a desktop (SEORoundtable)

The biggest difference being that Google figures if you’re on a mobile it’s likely your intent is more local focused – plus it’s easier to know exactly where the search is being conducted.

The other issue is that people turning to the mobile browser tend to search on that device a little differently, think more abbreviated, than they do on the desktop and that’s something we all need to understand a little better.

The Google Keyword Tool is a tool that every marketer must have in the toolbox as a quick way to understand some data on the kinds of things people are actually searching for – or at least the actual words and phrases they use most when looking for what you offer.

Google Keyeword Tool
You access mobile data through the “Advanced options” link

The tool recently received a nice little update with the addition of mobile search data. Using this tool is the first step to understanding the keyword differences inherent in mobile search. The reason I think this is such an important topic is that at some point mobile search will be the dominant form of search – it’s already there for some industries. (BIA Kelsey Report)

It’s time to start thinking about blending some of your keyword strategies to make them more mobile centric – and of course getting serious about local optimization. (5 Ways to Make Your Website Scream Local)

Some observation’s from playing with the tool

  • If you sell something that is mobile related or found primarily via a phone you’ll get far better keyword ideas
  • You can now have a much fuller picture of the search volume for phrases – mobile is doubling and tripling volume estimates
  • This is a pretty significant piece in the local search optimization game

Here’s Google’s official help page for using the Keyword Tool.


Google Keyword Tool, Google Mobile, Local Search

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  1. Could this be another attempt to reduce the effect that deliberate “search engine optimisation” has on results? Taken together with Google places the landscape for “organic results” is getting ever more complex…

  2. I think the Keyword tool by google has been the thing that has happened to SEO! if they are able to make it more generic, so that both the searches show same results would be better …

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing this piece of information, I think every marketer must have a look at this. I completely agree that the next thing would be more and more people searching through their mobiles, so companies must make their site and products more searchable and have local optimization. Great read!

    Riya Sam
    Training for

  4. Very Interesting. Mobile searching is a medium that every marketer should be using to their advantage. I’m a student studying internet marketing with @dr4ward, I subscribe to this blog for posts such as this #in #mkt3730

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