Recycling Computer Hardware with HP

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It’s not too hard for the typical small business to pile up a few pieces of obsolete computer equipment. So, what to do with all that stuff? Clean house, unclutter and give yourself a clean space to think up new marketing strategies.

I just discovered a program from Hewlett Packard that can help keep that old stuff out of the landfill. The program is called HP’s Planet Partners™ Recycling Program.

From the HP site:

“HP’s computer hardware recycling service is a simple and environmentally sound take-back program that offers consumers and business customers the ability to return any piece of computer hardware from any manufacturer. HP’s state-of-the-art processes ensure that your unwanted hardware is reused or recycled in a way that conserves resources. The cost of the automated, on-line service ranges from $13 to $34 per item, depending upon the type and quantity of hardware to be returned. Custom price quotes are also available.”


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