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Face ValuesEven within our narrowly defined ideal target market there exists different personality types. One of the jobs of our marketing messages, materials and selling efforts is to find ways to connect with all of the various needs of these different types.

You can accomplish this in marketing materials by making sure that you have different types of information – tips sheets, case studies, FAQs and data sheets.

In selling situations that are face to face it can also be wise to adjust your presentations in ways that help you connect with differing personalities.

After reviewing a fascinating work called Face Values I asked the authors Michael Lovas and Pam Holloway of About People to share some thoughts on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast about a system that they teach that allows marketers to understand a personal communication style just by reading the lines on their face.

    In this podcast:

  • Face Values – how to read people and connect with them in less than 3 Minutes
  • One can tell a person’s personality type, values, and communication style just by reading a few simple lines on a person’s face
  • Is adopting one’s style of communication part of the process?
  • Understanding one’s own personality traits in order to understand how to interact with others
  • Applying these principles to identify an ideal market segment
  • Including marketing materials that appeal to all 4 personality types

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