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My Social Media System post from yesterday – my system for managing all the social media activity struck a cord with many of the folks struggling with ways to get all this done and still do the stuff of the business.

At the suggestion of one reader I’ve asked a dozen of so others that are very active in social media to share their systems with the idea that this kind of example might make a great collection.

I asked Chris Brogan; Brian Clark; Seth Godin; Guy Kawasaki; Paul Chaney; aaron wall; Anita Campbell; Anil Dash; Ann Handley; Ben McConnell; Bryan Eisenberg; Chris Baggott; Emily Chang; Ivan Misner; Jason McCabe Calacanis; John Battelle; Lee Odden; Li, Charlene; Rohit Bhargava; Scott Allen; Steve Rubel; Tim Berry; Tim Ferriss; Mack Collier (this isn’t the end all list, I just happen to communication regularly with this group)

If you would like to see this kind of blog post and collection of social media routines from this group or anyone you think should be included harass them to share and send me a note so we can put these together as a cool collection of real-life use.

Chris Baggott, CEO of Compendium Blogware got us started with this post


Social Media System

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