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QRWith every passing day more and more folks are using a mobile device, such as an iPhone, to do their daily web reading. Websites and blogs can be visited and read by any browsing phone, but the small window makes it pretty tough to navigate around a page designed for a 21″ monitor.

About a year and half ago I stumbled on a service called WinkSite that takes my RSS feed and makes it mobile browser friendly. They also have an entire social suite of services just for the mobile set. I think it has become pretty important to offer your readers these types of mobile viewing options.

Eric Kintz, HPs Digital blogger, reminded me of this in a recent post – Mobile Social Marketing – Digital Mindset Goes Mobile

You can subscribe to this blog via phone by visiting or if your phone has a QR Reader (you can download one) you simply scan that ink blot looking image in this post and you will be subscribed. You can also send my blog’s mobile link to your phone by clicking here


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