Read Any Good Research Papers Lately?

Read Any Good Research Papers Lately?

Read Any Good Research Papers Lately?

By John Jantsch

For some this post will come off a bit snobby but what the heck, it’s what I believe.

If you expect to grow your business, reach your goals, expand your abilities, you must push yourself to gain more knowledge and more skill. One of the primary ways to do this in business and in life is to read. Read what’s published about your industry, read what’s ahead, read to understand more about your clients and read to become a better writer. I read as many books as I can but I also branch out to try and find things that other marketers may not be reading.

    Here are some of the seemingly odd places I visit to find and apply ideas that few others in my world may be reading. Please offer your suggestions!

  • Google Scholar – Google’s database of academic papers
  • Knowledge Storm – another database of technology related research
  • Psychology Today – this month’s issue has a great article on leadership
  • Nature – science and nature teach us a lot about human behavior – like why people buy!
  • getCITED – another rich academic research database

The help punctuate this thought I offer a quote from fellow marketer Dan Kennedy.

“Rich people have large libraries, poor people have large TV’s”

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