Put Your Hands Up and Back Away From the Ebook

Put Your Hands Up and Back Away From the Ebook

Put Your Hands Up and Back Away From the Ebook

By John Jantsch

Look, you don’t need another fix it quick ebook from an
”Internet Marketing Guru” who has done nothing is his life
but figure out how to sell you on the next hot thing.

Sure, you’re tempted to buy that book that will show you
how RSS and Syndication is the next marketing wave. The
Internet Marketing Gurus are finally starting to figure out
this whole blogging thing and since they have. . .look for
a ton of useless information about how to get rich with a

Here is what you need to do. Find someone who is doing
what you need to do. Watch them and see how they do it,
see how they practice what they preach. See if they really
teach, mentor, and coach and then contact them and find
out how you can get them to coach or mentor you.

I won’t name any names but I’m fed up with the Internet
Riches crowd and I think it’s time to start pulling their
pants down.

I’ve been to a few conferences with these folks and on
top of generally being in love with their ownselves, they
couldn’t do one half of what you do each and every day.
(Okay, I’ve met some nice people too, but they are the

So, no mas! – Stop buying their crap and start looking for
someone who has really done what you need to do. . .Invest
in a coach this year, instead of the next door stop for your

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