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I’ve mentioned press release distribution services offered by PRWeb before. I think they have a great service that allows small business owners to get potential media exposure while also creating links back to a website by way of syndicated press releases.

Today, PRWeb announced a premium feature upgrade called PRWeb Podcast. Now if you choose you can have your press release turned into a podcast and promoted by the PRWeb team.

From the PRWeb announcement:
The new PRWeb Podcast service brings PRWeb news releases to life through podcasts, which a PRWeb team will record with members who have submitted upgraded news releases to PRWeb.com. The podcasts will be served in several different audio file formats and linked to PRWebPodcast.com.

PRWeb, the leading press release visibility company, has introduced a podcasting service to its press release distribution platform. PRWeb is the first major newswire to offer press release podcast interviews to its users.

The podcast service through PRWeb.com and PRWebPodcast.com, launched today, is offered free of charge to PRWeb users with press releases distributed at the popular “SEO Tools” distribution level.

Featuring recorded interviews about press releases submitted by PRWeb users, the PRWeb Podcastâ„¢ service brings news releases to life. PRWeb staff members will visit with users and/or their clients and discuss their news in a brief five- to seven-minute telephone interview. The PRWeb team then creates a recording through an in-house production process that makes the PRWeb user the centerpiece of the podcast. Once production is complete, PRWeb works to promote the podcast episodes on PRWeb Podcast and elsewhere on the Internet with the same expertise it deploys to promote press releases.


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