Picture This - Prove your claims with photos

Picture This – Prove your claims with photos

Picture This – Prove your claims with photos

By John Jantsch

Small business owners need to build trust.

Unless you plan on spending millions on advertising, you must build trust by communicating how your product or service can clearly help your prospective client get what they want out of life.

Jake Schloegel of Schloegel Design
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There are many ways to communicate benefits such as, case studies, process descriptions, and client lists. But, one of my favorite ways to prove that you can deliver the goods is photos.

Instead of simply listing your clients and telling about the results you have delivered, take a photo of every one of your clients using your product, meeting with you, doing something goofy involving your name brand.

The power behind this technique is incredible. Suddenly, you can offer tons of proof that people are happy with your company. Talk about an easy way to get testimonials. Hey, they wouldn’t let you take their picture if they didn’t like you, right. When someone asks you for references just drop your photo album on the desk and let them browse through the smiling pictures of real people

Your potential clients can see that you do business with people just like them.

Here’s a fun idea. Hold a contest this summer and see which one of your clients can take a picture of themselves by an obvious vacation landmark holding your product or wearing a hat with your logo. Then take all of the photos and put them on your website. Don’t forget the PR opportunities for this one.

So, go get a digital camera, okay.

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