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John Jantsch visits with John Nemo on Nemo Radio to discuss his latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur.

Jantsch started his own marketing firm over 30 years ago, but his business has changed a lot over the years. He knows firsthand that the entrepreneurial journey is never a straight road, and that it can be helpful to have some guidance along the way. That’s why he wrote The Self-Reliant Entreprneur; it’s the book he wishes he had when he was growing his business. It’s designed to be a daily devotional for those who are on their own entrepreneurial journey, and it helps them to develop a greater sense of self.

To learn more about Jantsch’s own journey as a business owner, plus more of the story behind why he wrote this book and how he’s structured it to help entrepreneurs, check out the episode below.

Listen: John Jantsch on the Nemo Radio podcast


The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

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