Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I’m My Ideal Client After All

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I believe that most businesses are uniquely suited to serve a narrowly defined ideal client.

Ideal ClientDetermining just who that is, and making their description a central theme of all of our marketing communications, is one of the foundational elements of good marketing strategy.

There are countless ways to research, measure, analyze and theorize about your ideal target client, but experience tells me most firms don’t have to look very far to find a thorough profile of their ideal customer.

I’ve found that most small business owners, independent practitioners and even salespeople tend to attract people with whom their share common characteristics.

In other words our ideal customers are often people we simply like and understand. Over time it’s simply too hard to build relationships with people you don’t enjoy spending time with or don’t share the same view of what service, value and fairness looks like.

I’ve said repeatedly on this blog and elsewhere that the definition of marketing is getting someone who has a need to know, like and trust you and when you accept and apply this notion to every element of your business building you come to realize this is best viewed as a two-way street.

Quite often, clients are ideal because we know, like and trust – or at the very least respect – them as well.

So, as you begin your quest to define and sketch to ideal client profile as a primary plank in your marketing strategy, start by spending some time in front of a mirror and then answer this question – would you buy from you? Does your marketing speak to a narrowly defined ideal client in ways that let them know that you get them?

So, what’s your experience in your business tell you to date? Does this have some truth for you?


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