Maybe It's a Problem With the Bowl

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Lots of small business owners bump their heads against figurative walls when trying to grow. No matter what they do, nothing seems to change.

I would like to suggest that perhaps the simple Goldfish can offer some aid in illustrating my point today. Anyone who has owned more than one Goldfish, for more than a month, can attest to the fact that these fish will grow only to the extent of the size of the bowl or tank they live in. So, if you’re experiencing problems growing your business, maybe it’s not the fish, maybe it’s a problem with the size of your bowl.

Here’s a little of what I mean –

    If you want to grow, it’s not enough to just do more of what you are currently doing:

  • you must grow your definition of what’s possible
  • you must be confidently willing to charge much more than you do currently
  • you must clearly raise your sites on what makes an ideal client for your firm
  • you must be fearless in developing strategic partnerships with much larger organizations
  • you must re-evaluate how you go to work each day and what you make a priority
  • you must consider finding vendors that can help you get where you are going
  • you must make receiving a referral from every client the goal of customer service
  • you must enjoy swimming in open water, trusting that the other side of the tank will appear!

Ok, maybe a little goofy to make a point, but it’s better than getting flushed down the toilet – the fate of far too many a Goldfish and small business.


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