Marketing Sherpa's Top 10 Blogs
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Marketing Sherpa's Top 10 Blogs

Marketing Sherpa's Top 10 Blogs

By John Jantsch

The Marketing Sherpa readers poll of top blogs in 10 different categories was announced this week. The list features some new blogs this year, but always seems to produce some new “must read” blogs for me.

Yes, in the shameless self promotion category, Duct Tape Marketing was named, for the third straight year, the “Best Small Business Marketing Blog” thanks in large part to you.

Of note: Duct Tape Blog Channel contributor Andy Wibbels – Business Blog Confidential, also took home the prize for Best Blog on Marketing to a Specific Consumer Demographic for his Andy Wibbels, the Original Blogging Evangelist blog

And now the list:

Best Blog on Small Business Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch
Sherpa Note: In what can only be termed a Landslide Victory, Duct Tape wins its
category for the third straight year in a row. Way to go John!

Best Podcast on the topic of Marketing
Across the Sound by Joseph Jaffe

Best B-to-B Marketing Blog
B2B Lead Generation Blog by Brian Carroll

Best Blog on Email Marketing
Chris Baggott’s Email Marketing Best Practices by Chris Baggott

Best Blog on Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Roundtable – multiple bloggers

Best Blog on Advertising
Adrants by Steve Hall

Best Blog on Marketing to a Specific Consumer Demographic
Andy Wibbels, the Original Blogging Evangelist by Andy Wibbels

Best blog on Affiliate Marketing
ReveNews – multiple authors

Best Blog on the Topic of PR
Active Voice by Matt "PodBoy"

Best Foreign-Language Blog
Marketing-Blog Biz — Besserwerberblog * Marketing für Besserwerber – multiple authors

Best Blog on General Marketing Topics
Seth Godin’s Blog by Seth Godin

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