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Flip Ultra HDCapturing and adding video to your marketing and social media mix has become a necessary and increasingly expected part of creating your overall marketing message. With each passing day this task just seems to get easier. Camera prices have fallen while quality has risen, editing software is free and simple to use, and video hosting and streaming from sites like YouTube provide most of the heavy lifting when it comes to putting those videos online.

Recently, I added a Flip Ultra HD camera to my portfolio of tech tools and, although I’m late to the party on singing its praises, I believe every marketer and every salesperson, for that matter, should own and use on of these babies.

The fact that you can stick this camera in your pocket means that you can capture video stories anywhere they happen.

  • Have each salesperson gather customer success stories and testimonials during sales calls
  • Record customers giving your product a test or demonstration
  • Capture usability testing as you record people interacting with your website
  • Record short videos of your strategic partners talking about their relationship with your firm
  • Capture highlights from every booth you visit at a trade show
  • Record salespeople giving successful sales presentations
  • Tour your office and record a “meet our staff member” each week

The use of video will only grow more and more important, so making it as easy to capture video moments is one of the keys to getting in the habit of playing this game. Of course, don’t forget to fully optimize your videos on YouTube with lots of tags and very complete descriptions of the content.

Things I like about the Flip Ultra HD:

  • Extremely portable
  • Very simple to use
  • High quality video and sound
  • USB connection built right in
  • Comes with its own simple software
  • Holds up to 2 hours of video
  • Relatively inexpensive – $199

Here’s a quick in the field example – I shot this on vacation at Venable Falls in the Sangre de Christo Mountain Range in the Colorado Rockies. (You might turn your speakers down as the water is pretty loud)


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