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email center proDo you use shared email? In other words, an email address for info@, sales@ or customerservice@ that several different people may be checking up on or following up on?

I know I do and I’ve found that without vigilance follow-ups can be hit and miss and nothing sends the wrong message faster than non-response.

The answer I’ve discovered is Email Center Pro from Palo Alto Software. Email Center Pro allows me to set-up multiple shared email boxes and then keeps track of every response and follow-up for me. In addition, I can develop and store an entire library of common responses and then know that even if I assign follow-up to a virtual assistant, for example, the message is consistent. (For the record however, know that every response sent from DTM is a personally crafted note from me, really)

This tool is perfect for sales teams, service teams and anyone that needs to keep track of follow through. (This is one of the biggest areas where small businesses get tripped up in the marketing game.)

And if that weren’t enough, here’s the best part. I get to offer Duct Tape readers a free one-year trial of the $49/mo full featured Email Center Pro option. Use this link to sign-up for your free trial.

If you’ve been using the hunt and hope method of email follow-up I strongly suggest you branch out and give yourself this marketing automation gift, you won’t be sorry.

A couple of notes for the more cynical – I don’t make a dime from this offer, but Palo Alto and I are partners on another project. This is a tool I use and would gladly pay to use, but I get the free year trial too!

NB – if you keep using the program after a year you will be billed – so, they do ask for a credit card when you sign-up but note that it says billing will start July 2009. Update: No credit card needed for free trial!


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