Make New Friends But Keep the Old

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The title to today’s post you may recall comes from the theme song for
the Girl Scouts of America (I’ve got four daughters, I know a few things
about girls!)

But for the small business marketer it applies nicely. Many small
businesses feel like marketing is all about the hunt for new
customers (friends)

True enough, you’ve got to continue to build new customers, but the
gold in your business is finding ways to retain your existing ones and
find ways to do more and more business with them. For some
businesses, this simple strategy could become the most important
marketing strategy of all. just launched what I think is one of the greatest
examples of this recently. They have a club type program (by itself
a good loyalty tool) that now has a killer innovation. The club is called
Prime Club
Now you can get unlimited free express shipping for
everything you buy for an annual subscription price of $79. This is so
genius for two reasons. Anyone who buys any amount of books, records
or anything that Amazon sells will know that shipping is no big deal, but
(and here’s the big one) it automatically makes you think, “I’m gonna
get my money’s worth and buy all the stuff I can”

If you like Amazon like I do, I think you can learn a great lesson here
and find a way to start a club and give your clients an incentive to
buy more!


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