Lumpy Mail Gets Noticed

Lumpy Mail Gets Noticed

Lumpy Mail Gets Noticed

By John Jantsch

When it comes to your gravy, lumps are bad. But when it comes to direct mail lumps may just be the answer.

Getting your mail noticed and then opened IS the first challenge of direct mail and really all marketing.

A great option for small business just might be something I call “Lumpy Mail”

Lumpy mail is the term I use for mail that either by the shape, size, or odd manner of delivery can’t get missed.

A box is lumpy mail. A bouquet of baloons is too. When you’re only looking for a handful of new clients this approach just might be the answer. Put some really creative items in your lumpy mail, marry it with benefit laiden copy, and commit to a series of three or more installations and you may see results in the 75% range.

Give it a try.

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