Loyal Customers Are Made Well Before the First Sale

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I delivered the keynote address for the Association of Idependent Information Professionals annual conference in Miami this week and the subject was Building Customer Loyalty

My charge was to give the attendees some tips and tools to help them do more business, more frequently with their existing clients.

This topic gave me a chance to present one of my primary marketing beliefs. Earning your second sale with a client has as much to do with the way you generated the lead, presented your value proposition and converted the prospect to a client as it does with some technique your employ after the sale.

Customer loyalty is a natural by-product of targeting the right client, with right need and setting and exceeding their expectations. The rest is just details

This of course assumes that you have a strategy to serve a narrowly focused market and can articulate what it is that makes your firm unique. If you can’t do that, know that creating loyal customers will always be a mystery.


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