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Letthead design boxThe folks at StockLayouts produce the best stock layouts on the planet.

I know that’s a pretty tall order, but one look at the designs and you can tell these are the real deal.

In addition to producing great layouts they have also added some powerful resources for designers and marketers. The latest is a set of designs for letterhead and stationary, mounted and boxed. Each card in the 50 card deck has a business card, letterhead and envelope mounted on a sturdy board. If you ever need to help people make basic design decision, this is an awesome tool.

These handy card decks of professionally-designed layouts will provide you with hundreds of ideas for designing marketing pieces for a wide variety of businesses. Beautifully presented in a superb slide-out box, these at-a-glance cards can be used to help dial in your clients’ preferences, or as a design resource in your office or studio

They also have a set for brochure design. Each box of 50 cards is $24.95 and comes with a coupon for 50% off any single template purchase.

Disclosure: StockLayouts is a strategic partner of the Duct Tape Marketing Coach Network but this is not an affiliate link.


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