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If you’ve started to take my advice and build a network and profile on Facebook you’ve probably come to the realization that it’s a lot of work to keep up with and participate in your network- particularly if it’s not an activity that makes you money.

I’ve used the Firefox browser for a few years and recently came across the Facebook toolbar for Firefox. (There is an IE version too) What this does is it allows you to stay up on Facebook activity anytime you are browsing. Now I’m not suggesting this as a way to get you glued to Facebook, but it does let you know when you have new messages and requests. The function I use the most is that it also allows you to update your status and share pages as you surf.

Another feature that has some value is that it streams in the background when anyone on your friend list updates their status. This can seem pretty trivial, and most of it is, but every so often it sparks a reason to engage in a meaningful conversation with someone in your network.



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  1. The only reason why Facebook is hard to maintain is because it was not designed for your generation. It is a gradual network building system. I was one of the first to use Facebook when it started way back in 2003. It was easy to network and stay in touch because you grew as the network grew. Now 30 somethings are on Facebook and find it hard to get in touch with friends that they haven’t talked to in 10 years.

  2. Allin

    I don’t think generation has anything to do with, it’s more the way business folks use it opposed to the way you use it. So some of what’s going on is, as you mentioned, some catch up. The toolbar I mentioned allows me keep track instantly while I’m doing other things like playing xbox.

  3. I’ve been a Facebook user for quite awhile (late 2003). Friends and connections of all ages have been able to get the same use out of it. Like John said, I think it depends how you use it. I use Facebook to share clips on the Web and keep up with my friends who are getting jobs and moving around the country.

    I actually didn’t use it as much when I first became a member, but without being able to see friends and connections more regularly that I know from college, I am now using it to share and chat much more.

  4. I’m of a mixed mind about Facebook. I use LinkedIn mainly for business networking. I joined Facebook primarily to stay in touch with some childhood friends I only see once every few years.

    My concern about Facebook is that my old friends are quite likely to post a comment on my wall about the time we got drunk in a bar in 1984. While it is fun to reminisce, it’s not what I want potential clients to see. That kind of stuff is not a problem with LinkedIn.

    How do you separate personal and professional without kicking your “wild and crazy” childhood friends off your network? I’ve been considering creating a separate Facebook profile for my business.

  5. You can disable the Wall (profile public comments) in Facebook. I prefer private messages to my Facebook Inbox.

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