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One of the greatest ways to generate new marketing strategies
is to look for new ways to apply proven techniques.

Heck, some of the greatest business innovations came about
when someone took something that worked in one industry
and found a way to apply it to a new industry.

One of the coolest things about online marketing is that it is
so inexpensive to try new things, that, well, lots of new things
get tried. Some flop, some stick, but many are tried and refined.

The point is that some of the most successful online marketing
strategies offer clues to some great offline marketing twists.

Here’s one of my favorites. The Autoresponder Series. You
know, you sign-up for a newsletter or free mini-course and
the next thing you know, you get an automated response of
some sort 20 or 30 times over the next year in your inbox.

We know it works online, maybe not like it used to, but now
think about applying it to the offline world. Imagine meeting
someone at a networking event and then firing off a hand-written
note the very next day that offers a nice tip and thanks them for
their time. Now, imagine sending another well-timed note, offering
more and more information, once a month for the next year.

Or, what if a client made a small purchase and then received
a thank you card in the mail and then another one 30 days
later that introduced a premium upgrade service.

Great strategy no doubt, but, what a pain in the marketing
neck to get this done in the day to day reality of the small
business right? Well, think back to our Autoresponder online
series. The key with this strategy is automation. Put it
together once and forget it.

Recent advancements in technology have come together to
allow any independent professional and small business owners
the ability to send a highly personalized (your own handwriting)
greeting card, mailed on demand and completely automated

The proper use of this strategy offline may indeed prove
more effective than its online counterpart because people are
starving for personal attention. A handwritten note is one of
the most powerful marketing pieces you can create, mainly
due to the fact that no one sends them anymore.

Once you set your greeting card Autoresponder system up
it can also do things like automatically send birthday cards
and holiday cards.

The service I use for this strategy does the entire thing. I
input an address, they print, personalize with my signature
and handwriting font and send, all the same day. In fact,
I can and do create entire follow-up and upsell greeting
card promotions that stay in touch with clients and prospects
throughout the year in a matter of minutes. Oh, did I mention
that the service is very inexpensive!

If this service sounds intriguing send me an email and I will
demonstrate the program for you. Just use “Card Program”
in your subject line.


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