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Blog software has a lot going for it in terms of dynamic content creation, ease of use, ease of update, content syndication and built in SEO tools. So why not use it as your entire website? Great question – and one that more and more small business folks are coming around to.

I love WordPress and use it to power this blog. The WordPress software is very easy to use as an entire site management tool as well. The only real draw back is that most of the themes for WordPress are created specifically for blogs and have a very bloggy look.

I’ve recently run across a couple very talented WordPress designers that are taking the website design approach to creating themes specifically for use as traditional websites. With these themes the homepage looks like a home page and other static pages found on traditional websites exist as well. But, you get a blog too – how cool is that?


iThemes – several versions to choose from in multiple color combinations – complete website look and feel.

Remix – very flexible, multi design theme that comes with functions that allow you to create a very customized look.

Using this approach allows you to easily create a very stylish website that can function much more like a content management tool allowing anyone with permission to edit and create pages from any web browser. Now, add some plug-ins from the WordPress community and you have some very powerful functionality for very little money and time invested.



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