Is eBay a Small Business Marketing Tool?

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There’s a pretty tired myth with some small business folks that pegs eBay as simply a way for people to unload junk, collectibles, or out of date seconds.

Now I know many of you also know that people are making lots of money running businesses completely on the eBay platform.

I visited with Janelle Elms, a noted instructor for eBay University and author of 7 Steps to eBay Marketing Success on a recent episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.

Our conversation focuses on ways that traditional small businesses are finding to tap into the eBay set of tools and online world to help market everything from products to services.

eBay has millions of members and visitors and has developed tools like online stores, blogs, podcasts and web page optimization to help members get their products and services found and sold – these same tools can be used to extend your already existing business and open new doors and opportunities.

Every small business should find out what eBay can do for them.

By the way I’m conducting a marketing session at eBay Live in Boston on June 16th to help eBay sellers learn to use offline tools to grow their businesses.


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  1. I’ve been thinking lately about trying ebay to increase sales and visits to my sites. I’ve seen others working with it and having a good deal of success. Would love to make your June show, just a little to far.

    Ya ever make it near Kansas ?


  2. Good post. We at Palo Alto Software consider eBay an important channel, and eBay merchants, all 500,000 (or so) of them, an important target market.

    I’ll be speaking at eBay too, I like your work, maybe we can meet up.

    — Tim Berry (

  3. Really, great 🙂
    I live in Topeka.

    Will you have anything like the ebay show near here ? or any other seminars.


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