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printing for lessSo much of what falls under the heading of marketing these days is online.

Almost every business, however, can still benefit from smart design and professionally printed marketing materials to help tell the story, make an impression and provide the necessary education needed to build trust.

Like just about every other industry in the world, the printing industry has moved online as well. So while your business may still need printed materials to be used offline, there is no reason you can’t acquire all of those ink on paper products online.

    Here’s my list of trusted online resources for physical ink on paper needs:

  • LogoWorks – Graphic design from logos to brochures
  • StockLayouts – Agency quality template designs for your entire identify and advertising needs
  • iStockphoto – Great images, and lots of them, for stunning printing needs (great for web and presentations too)
  • PrintingForLess – Good selection and fair pricing, but most of all, service to get you what you need

Disclaimer: I partner in one way or another with all four of these companies, which is just another way of saying I use them for my own needs.


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  1. I can’t help but feel that you might be trying to make money off of your readers by recommending these companies through affiliate links. Do you get a piece of the action or not?

  2. John,

    Another resource is our company, We are an on demand digital printer, meaning if you have a file you need printed, get it to us by 10PM EST and you get it back by 8:30AM the next morning. I’m the marketing director of the company so of course have some bias, but please check us out with a free trial (just visit the home page). We are big fans of Printing For Less and often partner with them for offset work.

  3. Bob – in this case there are no referral links but readers to this blog also know that I don’t recommend anything unless I use it myself. Why would you be opposed to me getting paid for the work I do here. If you don’t think I provide enough value here I would be happy to refund your money.

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