If the Customer Is Always Right

If the Customer Is Always Right

If the Customer Is Always Right

By John Jantsch

. . . then why do they need you?

I catch some flack each time I discuss this topic, but I believe it to be core to successful, fulfilling business relationships.

Many business owners have been conditioned to treat the customer as king. Now, king is a good thing until king is a really rotten dictator type of king. If you view, and in turn your clients view, that you are there serve the whim of the one who is paying the money, you may never really discover what a joy it is to do business based on mutual respect.

See, the problem with the customer always being right is that in many instances, they don’t have any idea what they really need, so how could they tell you. Your job is to provide value and sometimes the greatest value comes from showing your clients that they are wrong. If you don’t do this, are you really providing a service?

Your clients need you, you need clients. What if you began to view that reality as a potential partnership in which both parties had a job to do, and some element of that job was to find ways to help each get what they need.

Approach your marketing and lead conversion activities in this mindset and you will find that you will attract clients that value what you do, listen to your advice and communicate what they expect and when they are not getting it.

In that type of relationship nobody has to be right all the time.

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