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How to Create the Total Customer Experience

How to Create the Total Customer Experience

By John Jantsch

For some time now I’ve been sharing a concept I call The Marketing HourglassTM. I truly believe it’s become the most significant thing I’ve contributed to the concept of marketing.

The Marketing Hourglass takes its cue from the long established marketing funnel, but what’s it is really all about is building trust and focusing on turning that trust into repeat business and referrals.

See, I firmly believe that a happy customer is your best tool when it comes to lead and referral generation and The Marketing Hourglass is all about shifting the focus to conversion and referral.

The central idea is an intentional plan to move people logically through the hourglass stages of know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer. You do this by creating products, services, touchpoints and processes aimed at moving people to the next stage and next stage.

The interesting thing about this framework is that you can apply it globally to a business model, content plan or product launch equally.

I’ve assembled pretty much everything I’ve written on the use of this tool, including a full color infographic that you can use as a guide for creating the various elements of the hourglass application, into free eBook I’ve called – How to Build a Remarkable Business by Focusing On the Total Customer Experience.

Download your free copy here and the entire process of marketing will make so much more sense.

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