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I’m taking a few days vacation so I shouldn’t even be writing this, but I couldn’t help it. (I’ll keep it short though)

I was walking down a street in a small Idaho town when I came on this sign – it made me chuckle, but more than that it made me really want to see what was going on inside this place because, even though I didn’t have any idea what they sold, I’d had a little view of the personality inside.


Showing your human side, even the side that makes mistakes and is a bit flawed, is such a wonderful branding tactic because it’s naturally authentic. It’s so easy to step outside the norm and have some fun that it’s shocking how few do it. And I’m not just talking about quirky thrift stores and boutique, accountants and lawyers can do this too.

Tell me about your life, tell me about your ambitions, tell me about your failures (the ones you learned from), tell me about your big fat vision for your business, but above all – make me laugh and connect and I’ll buy anything you’re selling.

That’s it for today – off to Kayak a bit on Lake Coeur d’Alene – look for photos on Facebook.

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Lake Coeur d'Alene

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