Guru vs. Expert

I casually posted this question on Twitter today and was amused and enlightened by the responses.

“What’s the difference between an expert and a guru?”

Here’s my favorite : “Expert knows his stuff, contributes to industry related publications, but may or may not have fans and followers. Expert becomes a guru when he/she has his own volunteer evangelists and fans who help spread his/her message.” – Varju Luceno

And some more:

  • Expert is what you think of yourself. Guru is when others anoint you as an intellect!
  • when people say ‘expert’ they want me to teach. They say ‘guru’ when they are unwilling to learn & just want me to do it for them
  • A guru wears a robe.
  • Ego 🙂

So, what’s your take – is one better than another, are they both silly, who gets to decide or should anyone, does the title enhance your marketability?

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