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ZohoI’ve written before about the potential of the online suite of tools under the banner of Zoho.

I really have not used them all enough to give glowing reports, but I’ve got to say I am totally impressed by the pace at which they seem able to release new tools and enhancements.

They match up nicely with Google Docs and Microsoft Office Live Small Business on the word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and database fronts, but then also throw in a CRM, Project management, Organizer, Mail and Chat.

They recently added an HR function called people and online invoicing. You can access the tools from your mobile phone, full API access, there are plug-ins for Outlook and Microsoft Office, and even one that allows you to post your documents to Facebook.

For someone who truly want to do it all online this is probably the most complete tool.

I would love to hear from anyone who has gone online 100% through tools like this to run their business.



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