Getting Sales and Marketing on the Same Page
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Getting Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

Getting Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

By John Jantsch

Sales GravyMy guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Jeb Blount, veteran sales training and creator of the Sales Gravy website, podcast and community. Sales Gravy is a tremendously rich resource for anyone in the sales profession or anyone looking to get into the sales profession. Jeb’s podcasts are fast moving and packed with useful info.

We spent the bulk of this session exploring ways to get sales and marketing on the same page.

It’s been my experience that large organizations simply need to do more to get marketing and sales talking to each other in a conversation that includes the customer.

On the flip side, the job with the small business involves helping them better understand and prepare for the fact that sales and marketing are two different functions and treating them as such is essential to getting the most from each.

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