Don't we we all over your prospects

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When I read most of what people put out there as marketing it copy I have my we we radar up. See most people write things like…We do this, we do that, we have the biggest, we think this, we go to great this…

When a potential client reads your ad or letter they don’t care about any of that stuff. Someday they may grow to care about you but for now they care about one thing.

What’s in it for them. They need to believe in 5 seconds or less how your product or service will make or save them money, make people like them, make them popular, save them time, make them feel better, give them power, give them control and in short…transform their life from one of quiet desperation to, well, whatever they believe is better than that.

Start with the word YOU…and then tell them what they get…and end with the word YOU. Make your product into a present with a big fat bow on it .

Every time you write some piece of marketing copy make sure that you use the word you over and over again. As is you need this, you will get this, you can expect this, you can afford this, your friends will love this.

And mostly stop we weing all over people.



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