Does Your Marketing Connect with Earballs and Eyeballs?

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We, the prospects for your business that is, are made up mostly of senses. And, they drive how we react to the people, places and products we come into contact with.

Most marketing is naturally designed to appeal the sense of site – read the words, see the picture, react to the video ad.

I am a firm believer that to build trust, the small business owner must consider multiple ways to appeal to the senses and I happen to think that the sense of sound is often overlooked as a low-cost, high touch way to build trust. Hearing the sound of your voice, along with supporting visuals adds another important layer of differentiation and connection. The two hardest marketing challenges for the small business.

    Here are some ways to integrate audio:

  • Your voicemail – Mix it up, don’t be boring, give information options
  • Your phone manner – People can hear a smile
  • Audio on the web – introductions, FAQs, how to all work in audio form
  • Audio marketing materials – Tell your story, make a case for your business, interview a client – burn it to a CD and pass it out
  • Hold teleseminars – pick out a topic a month and hold a teleseminar
  • Open office hours – give prospects a set time to call and ask questions
  • Interview industry experts – Great subtle networking technique, archive the content and burn it to CD
  • Create and facilitate user groups – Get groups of clients, mixed with prospects to discuss industry trends and challenges
  • Buy a block of radio time – most AM stations will sell you 30 minutes to do your own show (you can sell commercials to pay for it)
  • Develop a podcast – you, live on your own Internet radio show


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