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Intuit, makers of Quickbooks, wants to know about a local business you love. And that business can even be your business. Cash grants every month too.

love a local businessI think their Love a Local Business promotion is very fun. All you do is go to the program site and nominate a local business and tell them why you love it. Once a month they pick five local businesses to win a $1,000 grant and let the community vote on one of the five to get $5,000 for the month.

You can also nominate your own business for consideration. The site has a pretty cool Google maps integration that allows you to find all the businesses in your town that have been nominated. They also have badges and banners you can run on your site to show off

Oh, and there’s a nice December bonus, every business that applies for a grant in December will receive a free $50 Facebook Ad Credit.

Image credit: qthomasbower


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