CSS vs Tables

Here’s what I want to discuss today!

Does CSS allow you to rank higher in search engines and, if
so, is it worth the learning curve?I’m hoping some of my readers
will weigh in on this one with some really technical comments!

CSS or cascading style sheets seem to make sense from a search
engine standpoint. When you correctly layout a page using style
sheets you end up with some HTML that has a few things in the
“Head” tag and then launches right into your “keyword” rich

No gobs of excess baggage for the spider to carry. If you know what
you are doing you can even have complicated left side columns with
all kinds of confusing links, but start your HTML off with your main
search friendly content. So, without even getting into all of the merits
of how CSS can makes things easier from a design standpoint or how
much cleaner your HTML can be…I want to know this.

Does CSS allow you to rank higher in search engines?

I know that asking SEO folks and website design folks to give
opinions is dangerous, but maybe even a debate is in order.

3 places I go for help
CSS Tutorials
HTML Goodies
Guide to CSS


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