Coolness is optional, authenticity is not
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Coolness is optional, authenticity is not

Coolness is optional, authenticity is not

By John Jantsch

A lot of marketing folks spend a great deal of time worrying if they’ve got the right look. For many this means mastering the look that is considered acceptable in their industry (AKA – like everyone else.) For others, this might unfold as a quest to look cool, trendy or expensive.

In the end, the right look is simply a matter of discovering the most authentic look, and for that matter, feel, words and experience, for you. Regardless of how it might be perceived by some. If authentic is conservative, embrace it, if authentic is wild and edgy, go for it, if authentic is cheesy, go full on cheddar.

There are few things more painful to witness than someone trying to be something they are not. On the other hand, there is something very approachable about someone just being who and what they are – even if we don’t happen to view ourselves that way.

Most small businesses are people businesses and people being authentically passionate about their brand, their approach, their products and their selves is attractive.

Stop worrying about what everyone else in your industry is doing and dig down and discover what feels authentic to you about your business and get very, very passionate about that. Do that and the right people will find you.

So, what feels authentic to you?

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